Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thankfulness Day 14: The Audrey Edition

Today I am thanking God for my youngest child Audrey:

- for her easy going, flexibly nature;

- her sensitivity and kindness to others;

- her lovely singing voice & the enjoyment she gets from singing and dancing;

- for the fact that she eats her dinner;

- and goes to bed on time;

- and that she doesn't try to drink the shower water by licking the floor like a certain little miss;

- for her hard work and persistence at school work even though her dyslexia can make it tricky (she said to me the other day I always finish my work last.  The teacher helps me a lot);

- for her patient teacher who gives her the time she needs - and for Audrey's nature that makes it easy for her teachers to help her;

- I'm thankful that in amongst the pink and girliness there is a bit of a cheeky monkey too;

- I'm thankful that she is alive and well and thriving.  It's easy to forget that she was a very sick little baby just 820gm at birth.  Look how far she's come!

OK - so humour me - I was just going to post a photo of her as a baby but I got a little carried away...

1 day

1 year

2 years

3 years

4 years

5 years

6 years

7 years

Thankful Thursday


Dolly said...

What a sweet little girl, and one to be thankful for!

Children are such a blessing!

<3 from Dolly.

Julie C said...

Thankfulness Day 14-Today I am thankful for part time work away from home, the employers and their family, the days and hours they enable me to work, the school hols they enable me to not work, the wonderful ladies who work there too, the children who attend and the families who entrust the staff with them, the joy that it brings. JC

Anonymous said...

What an excellent home report Audrey! Great job for being so well behaved, from Fay.