Friday, November 15, 2013

Thankfulness Day 15: Upside Down Edition

Today I am going to thank God for some things that would normally have already made me grumble - as a way to turn things upside down and try to be less grumbly.

Today I am thanking God for:

Upside Down
- the promise of a good night's sleep that is almost guaranteed after a poor one the night before;

- for being all caught up and ready to go with the new season of Grey's Anatomy in spite of Channel 7's lack of consideration in sneaking it into a late night time slot on a new day (no judgement please);

- for the reminder to repair my driving ways before getting a speeding ticket that being given the bird affords;

- for having to work today on what is normally my 'me' day:
  •  because it meant that I was home for the tradesmen who arrived (unexpectedly) to install the glass panels beside the front door;
  • because it means I can have Monday off to take Ashlea to botox;
  •  because it makes for a quiet day at work which means time for training in our new system that I am currently clueless about;
  • because it was quiet enough to allow me to find this gem on one of the cheezburger sites;

Milton will handle all of your complaints...

OK so I couldn't find 10 ways to "turn my frown upside down" - but let's not get carried away.  A born optimist I am not so this is as good as it gets.  If you have a problem Milton will handle it...

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Julie C said...

Day 15 of Thankfulness. Today I am thankful for a surprise trip to the beautiful south coast town of Jamberoo with Matt, his friend and his mother. I am thankful that the water was freezing so I had an excuse not to go near any ridiculous rides and to just chat all day. I am thankful that Mels new friends looked after her till 5pm and then chatted some more when I picked her up. Julie C.
ps Al don't ever feel any pressure to complete 10 things as some of them we know have smaller things hidden amongst them.pps We will see how thankful I am when I realize my house is a mess and we have no food as I was out all day.