Saturday, November 16, 2013

Thankfulness Day 16: Emma's List

I am thankful that today has been a very quiet day - so quiet I even got to try out the new bath - very relaxing with Ashlea and Talking Tom to keep me company (she even offered to film me on her iPad - I declined her kind offer).

Rather than write a list very similar to last Saturday's (and every Saturday's) I have turned the task over to Emma.

Who can guess what she said?

See how many of the things on her list made it into the photo... it wasn't
even a staged photo - this is her in her natural habitat

Emma is thankful for:

- minecraft;

- youtube;

- birdy and favourite (don't even ask);

- making computer animations at school;

- pyjama days;

- Freedom Foods potato chips and Healtheries BBQ Rice Wheels;

- apples and strawberries;

- lemonade icy poles;

- pokemon and pixelmon (a hybrid of minecraft and pokemon aka nerd heaven);

- toilets;

- talking.

Not many surprises there!


Julie C said...

Day 16 Today I am thankful for = All the youth (teenagers) of today who: give up their time to witness to young children as do the ones at Mels Friday night group and then put together a very special talent show for families, Who play sport together, who play computer games and watch videos together, who ice skate and swim together, who chat on phones together, who sometimes just need space to be alone and sometimes need a chat.
Julie C ps Al I have to check out that pokemon/minecraft thing and now I am inspired to ask my 3 that thankfulness question mmmm, pps my 15 yr old sons world is a lot like Emmas - who knew.

Richard said...

If Emma shows signs that she is a gifted computer nerd, you could encourage that ;) game developing or app developing.... :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Emma is a natural at giving thanks!! Maybe she picked-up the attribute from Mum.

Hey what is this 'nerd' word????

from Fay.