Monday, November 18, 2013

Thankfulness Day 18: Botox Day

Today I am thanking God for:

What did we do in waiting rooms before ipads???

- botox treatments to reduce the spasticity in Ashlea's legs so she can practise her awesome walking;

- Super Neighbour Kate for walking my Big Girls to school in the rain;

- Emma for coping brilliantly with the change of routine this morning;

- the midazolam that calms Ashlea enough to have the injections under nitrous rather than needing a GA;

- an extra dose of patience to deal with Ashlea's post midazolam blues;

- the clown doctors for arriving right in the middle of the blues and for singing lullabies to Ashlea to soothe her;

- Ashlea's resilience - as soon as we were home she was happy and playing with her iPad again;

- her ipad to keep her occupied in the waiting room;

- the fact that we only live 15 minutes from the hospital;

- free parking.

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Julie C said...

Day 18 Today I am thankful for - Grocery shopping i.e. choices of centres, supermarkets and green grocers, long opening hours, undercover parking, credit cards, trolleys, cars with big boots, variety, specials on basics and treats, time without kids, a well stocked kitchen for a few days, yoga before and tv and tea after.
Julie C ps Al this is actually one of my least favourite activities and is usually a Friday chore but changes in routine...pps those clown doctors sound priceless!