Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thankfulness Day 19: Boring Old Tuesday Edition

Today I am thanking God for an uneventful Tuesday.  I am thankful for:

- 3 children who attended school today;

- Tuesday bible study and the opportunity to talk with other women about how the bible applies to our lives and to pray for and support each other;

- some sunshine after all the crazy rain and wild weather we've had in Sydney over the weekend;

- Super Neighbour Kate's sewing skills - she made Ashlea some cute bibs for school (Ashlea is in to chocolate custard at the moment - it does not mix well with white school shirts) and a cool bag to hang off her walker;

- that Ashlea can eat an entire tub of chocolate custard if she's in the mood;

- for an hour to sit quietly before school pick up;

- for a persistent school OT.  A couple of weeks ago I was thankful that Ashlea's school computer got funded.  We were wrong - funding was knocked back - but the school OT is undeterred and we will try again;

- home work done and dusted for the week (surely this is the last week???);

- for the energy to cook dinner - some nights I just can't be bothered - thanks to thermie we had chicken curry tonight (and I didn't even shred it);

- one more sleep until Peppa!

- and the wonder that is botox - even though it hasn't fully kicked in yet Ashlea's right foot is already so much flatter and is much less turned in.  When she stood up today it was so much smoother and more controlled (click here to see standing up before botox);

1 Day After Botox

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Julie C said...

Day 19 Today I am thankful for: Mels new Relax Kids with Yoga class that after 3 sessions has given her: more yoga poses, craft including making a smelly eye pillow, 2 girls and a leader to talk to about feelings and emotions and relaxing music and relaxation time which she says is so so wonderful. I am also thankful for some late night online shopping and a chance to complete this Thankfulness day before the morning so I can spend more time on my yoga, quiet time and housework ..tomorrow. JC