Saturday, November 2, 2013

Thankfulness: Day 2

Today I am thanking God for:

- the chance for these cuties to be part of the church Christmas video - they were King Herod's advisors - although I don't think Ashlea really understood what was going on.  When it was time to leave she announced "We going home from Bethlehem now"... ;

- afternoon tea with my lovely bible study ladies and their families;

- that all our children played nicely together;

- friends who walk with Ashlea and take her on the trampoline so I can sit down for 5 mins;

- scones with jam and cream and the friends who make them;

- the safe return of our Super Neighbours from their holidays - Audrey has missed her bestie from next door (and I'm not sure how much longer I can keep their rabbit alive);

- cold pepsi max on a hot day;

- the closest thing to a win in squash Murray's had in a long time (a 5-4 loss - he wasn't sure if the improvement was due to his new shoes or to his partner not doing any exercise for the last month);

- leftovers and lazy Saturday evenings.

What are you thankful for today?


Julie C said...

Day 2 - Today I am thankful for a win for Josh's under 13 cricket team and a respectable 30 runs scored by him and one wicket; a lovely new friend for Mel who has moved from Brisbane and convinced her parents to let her have 11 girls for 3 hours for a pool party this evening to celebrate her 10th birthday; enjoying a quiet dinner with just Andrew and Josh from the local take away as Matt was at a friends sleeping over tonight, a trip to Bunnings to get Andrew started on a special wood work project; some free time to write up some fun observations of the kids from the child care centre complete with photos/interpretations and follow up. Crispy fish and chips- yum. Julie C

Richard said...

I'm enormously thankful, that even though I appear to have some sort of stomach ulcer forming/formed which lead to little sleep on Friday night and feeling washed out most of saturday, God has given me amazingly good health over my life to this point. :) And even if that should change in the future I will still be thankful for all the things I have been able to :)