Friday, November 22, 2013

Thankfulness Day 22

Today I am thanking God:

- for a day to myself;

- some Christmas shopping done;

- double choc fudge brownies;

- washed down with Pepsi Max;

- for a quote for a new cupboard to deal with this:

- that my child was not present for the 'great breath-holding competition' the year 3 girls at school held that resulted in the ring leader fainting splat on the classroom floor;

- that I'm not a teacher;

- that Ashlea had fun at the school's annual Boccia challenge today;

- and that Audrey got to see her score a point (I've never seen a full game so I don't really know what that means...);

- that the promised 3pm rain storm wasn't as bad as predicted (Mythbusters really should do an episode on why it always rains at school pick up time);

- for lazy Friday afternoons after school;

- breakfast food for dinner;

- and the promise of bed!


Julie C said...

Day 22 - Today I am thankful for my second child Josh. I am thankful that he was born and has always been fit, strong and healthy; he enjoys playing sports including soccer and cricket; that his batting topped his team last season and his bowling is getting wickets this season; for his distinctly dark hair and eyes and very deep loud voice; for his kind words amid the teenage angst; for his group of friends that has been growing with him and now including girls for the first time; that his high school teachers had so many positive things to say about him during yr 7 interviews; that he has just enough things in common with his brother and has a little sister to teach him tolerance and that he has been my son for exactly thirteen years today. Julie C ps now I am the mother of two teenage boys!

Alicia - OneMotherHen said...

No double choc fudge brownies and pepsi max sounds good. Always thankful for bed :)