Saturday, November 23, 2013

Thankfulness Day 23: Audrey's List

Today Audrey is in charge of writing the thankful list.  She is thanking God for:

- her best friend Mia from next door;

Audrey and Mia

- Mia's birthday party today;

- getting to stay and play for the whole day;

- getting to help Mia play with her new presents - especially the Barbies;

- birthday cake;

- sausages in bread;

- jelly and cake pops and party games;

- dresses and make up;

- singing;

- and for moving up a level at choir next year so we don't have to get out of bed early anymore (she is not a morning person).

I am trying not to take it personally that Audrey would likely rather live next door with Mia than with us!  As my 'middle child' it is very easy for her to be overlooked so I am thankful for the relationship Audrey has not just with Mia but with her whole family.  They say it takes a village to raise a child - and when life is rather complicated like ours that is even more true.  Our Super Neighbours are a vital part of our village!

Now if only someone would move in on the other side of us with a 9 year old nerd girl we'd have the neighbourhood sorted.


Julie C said...

Day 23 - Today I am thankful for my beautiful daughter Melissa and that: though she was born with a little hole in her scalp it healed up and the only sign is a bald patch/scar; she is creative and artistic and enjoys sport; she is incredibly talkative and asks millions of questions; she confidently expresses her affection for everyone; she loves to read and play a new dress up computer game with her friends; she loves spending ay time with her mum esp shopping, yoga, fetes,; she loves reading and cooking and collecting all sorts of books; she loves animals and mangoes and seafood and chocolate
and learning, she is brave and will try most things once and she has been our daughter for ten and a half years. JC

Bethe77 said...

I love your daughters list. Including her and teaching thankful what a wonderful blessing. Her Barbies is a good one brought back memories of when i was little and got to go play all day with my friend and my Barbies. Lovely many blessings Happy Thanksgiving early! Beth