Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thankfulness Day 24

Today I am thanking God for:

- slow Sunday afternoons;

- a fine start to the Ashes for the Aussies (the real series starts now that the Poms are in Australia - forget what happened over there earlier);

- time to push Ashlea on the swing;

- a mega mountain of washing folded;

- a nasty fridge surprise dealt with;

- home made pizza for dinner;

Aren't you glad I took a photo of the pizza and not the nasty fridge surprise?

- Sards Wonder Soap to get pizza sauce out of my clothes;

- Aunty Carolin's patience for playing Hide and Seek and learning the intricate rules to the Pokemon Trading Card Game;

- tissues and claratyne (anyone else still got hay fever?);

- and encouraging words in church this morning.


Sylvia said...

The pizza looks delish! Wish I could come over for dinner! Jeremiah would love to meet your Pokemon player! He frequently traps me into a game. I don't know how he keeps everything straight! LOL!!

Julie C said...

Day 24 - Today I am thankful for: shops that are not in Castle Towers including - pop up shops in Dural and the Showground, the stores in Victoria Ave, Castle Mall, Rouse Hill, Winston Hills....and online stores; two strong males to mow and wip snip the lawn, two happy budgies in a clean cage, and two croaking frogs in my pond. JC Al nothing like great Test Cricket and home made pizza on the weekend.