Monday, November 25, 2013

Thankfulness Day 25

Today I am thanking God for:

- an awesome birthday present found for Audrey - yes I know her birthday is 6 months away but it just so happens that in 6 months time Barbie The Musical will be playing in Sydney;

The singing... The dancing...The PINK!!!

- one child with no more homework until next year - hurray;

- time to get some bible study preparation done;

- gingernut biscuits to dunk in my tea (salt free ginger nut biscuits no less);

- that I haven't yet strangled oldest child - she is presently having a tantrum because I won't let her sleep on the floor (yes I am being serious);

- for the persistence of oldest child - hopefully it will help her as she grows up;

- for a nice long hot shower to hide in away from the tantrum;

- a bathroom door with a lock;

- chocolate;

- and a soft, comfy place to sleep (for me anyway);


Julie C said...

Day 25: Tonight I asked Mel for a list of things she is thankful for and here it is - Friends helping me out, mummy, daddy, Matty, Joshy, ice cream, beds, showers, teacher and fellow classmates, pillows to hug and relaxation materials. Julie C ps Al it has been way too long since I last dunked a gingernut biscuit in my tea mmmm.

Anonymous said...

I just slept a night on a church floor and it was fine. Has Emma ever thought of doing mission work when she gets older??? She might not find it a struggle to join the heaps of people around the world that do sleep on the floor. 17 is the intake age for Beach Mission (unless she takes you). (Hope you don't mind the recruitment ad.) from Fay.