Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thankfulness Day 27

Today I am thanking God for:

- morning tea with some awesome mums;

- arvo tea with some more awesome mums;

- friends who have big kids who gift my big kid with hand-me-downs;

Look at that Pokemon collection now - although we still don't have Lugia
and apparently this is a serious problem!

- the bargaining power hand me down Pokemon cards give me;

- seeing Emma skip into school this morning - I still had to stand in my special spot and watch until she was gone but I tell you she skipped;

- second last lot of home work for the year completed (as much as it's going to be anyway);

- a laundry make over plan;

- a step-and-rail for the toilet plan;

- a toilet training plan (toilet timing actually but you've got to start somehwere);

- and the chocolate cafe tonight with yet more awesome mums.


Julie C said...

Day 27 Today I am thankful for: Everyone who made our Kindy Graduation Day so memorable today i.e. the 70 parents and grandparents,34 children, 4 educators, 2 cooks, 22 other staff. I have never worked with such a dedicated group of people. The confidence to stand in front of them all and speak, the cake I made and shared, the hundreds of behind the scenes preparation of decorations, portfolios, art works, gifts and photos.

Anonymous said...

Morning tea, afternoon tea and supper with groups of mums. Wow, from Fay

Alison said...

Maybe I should clarify that the arvo tea was yesterday - only morning tea and supper today :)