Friday, November 29, 2013

Thankfulness Day 29

Today I am thanking God for:

- leftovers for dinner;

- a physio appointment to treat my aching back (although she didn't 'physio' me - she stuck pins in me. Did I miss something?  Is this standard practise now?);

- a hair cut - in a salon - without children;

- a friend to hang out with - especially when that friend knows you've eaten an entire garlic pizza the night before;

- friends with cool toilet seats;

- cool toilet seats found at Bunnings (look - Ashlea can use it without falling in the toilet and I don't have to take an insert out after each use.  These are important things!);

- the continued power of pokemon - Emma is the only one with homework next week.  I bribed her with pokemon to finish it this afternoon so that now we are officially DONE with homework for the year;

- the new roundabout at the end of our street which so far is doing it's job of making it safer to turn;

- an end to 6:45am roundabout construction trucks rumbling into action right outside my house;

- it's Friday!


Julie C said...

Day 29 Today I am thankful for: Strangers and their kind words i.e. the grandmother at kindy who thanked me for being so understanding towards her "naughty grandson"; the caring Dept Ed lady who came to help with a hearing impaired girl on Thursday; the guys who own the fruit shop and swapped memories of growing up on a peach farm with me; the friendly hair dresser and others at the new salon I tried today; the nice check out mum who who shared stories about her 7 year old with me; the two interested parents who stopped for a chat as they left their 13 year olds to sleep at our home for the first time and the lady who reads Als Blog and made my day by commenting that she enjoys reading my "comments" (before doing this 30 day thing with Al I was always too scared to comment on any ones blog etc) JC ps Al Yes physios had been sticking needles in me for a few years and it was often unexpected and rarely pleasant so now I yoga my aches away.

Anonymous said...

That toilet seat looks like such a great solution!!!
Physios and pins, really?? I never knew physios did pins!! I think I would have been shocked by that, like the time a New Graduate Dentist suddenly started grinding my teeth down with a grinder. (It took me a little bit of time to realize what was happening and I'm still not sure why. Maybe he missed his class on explanations and gaining permission.) From Fay

Deb said...

We had that Bunnings toilet seat for a long time! Awesome.

Alicia - OneMotherHen said...

That toilet seat is ultra cool, I wish I had come across that one sooner. I used to love playing pokemon, my son had it on his gameboy, and I used to play it while he was at school!! Fridays seem to be coming around awful fast!