Sunday, November 3, 2013

Thankfulness Day 3: Church Edition

Today I am thanking God for:

- the freedom we have in Australia to attend church without fear of persecution;

- faithful bible teaching week in and week out;

- Christian friends to encourage me on the journey (the importance of this point cannot be underestimated!!);

- great hymns to sing - today we sang my favourite "It Is Well" - click the link to hear the story behind the hymn;

- faithful friends who continue to follow up Murray;

The Squash Player from yesterday's post...
Faithful friend - one of the few to keep up with Murray

- church family who are DETERMINED to come up with a plan for me to get some regular respite next year;

- staff members who patiently respond to my (seemingly endless) stream of unanswerable questions;

- meals still being delivered weekly - 18 months on from Murray's injury;

- an inclusive Sunday School program for all my girls to attend;

- church family who don't mind if Ashlea accidentally grabs their butt while she practises her walking after church - in fact they delight in seeing how well she is doing.

This post is specifically about our current church as it is what I am thankful for TODAY (and where I went today) but it also applies to our previous church.  There is no way I could have stayed afloat with everything that has happened since the twins were born without the support of God's people (and God Himself of course - but this post is specifically about His people!).

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Julie C said...

Day 3 - Today I am thankful for- the lovely people who put on a nice fete at Oakhill Drive PS which Mel and I went to for an hour today. A big blow up pool and my first dip with Mel for the Spring. Castle Hill Community Church and the Ladies who lead my small group as we study a wives only Passion Pursuit Bible study each Sunday evening. A few minutes in the car alone with Matt to catch up on his life/girls etc.