Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Thankfulness Day 5: Holding On Edition

Earlier today I wrote this post about Holding On.

Today I am thanking God for the way He has held on to me over the last 18 months.  He has used a variety of methods but they can be boiled down to two things: His word and His people.

I am thankful for the things He has reminded me of from His word:

- to remain in Him;

- to guard my heart;

- to not be the fool who resists correction.

I am thankful for the way He has used His people to encourage me:

- people who have faithfully prayed for me and my family;

- people who are living in surprisingly similar - and difficult - situations to me yet who cling to Jesus.  They inspire me to do the same (yes I did just use the I word - you know who you are);

- people who have been willing to have the 'difficult discussions' with me;

- people with listening ears;

- people with encouraging words;

- people who haven't judged while I've been wandering around in the wilderness;

- and people not afraid to tell me the truth when I have needed to hear it.


Emma Fahy Davis said...

I too cling to Jesus on this life journey we're on. I found such comfort in the words of a favourite hymn when our baby was seriously ill last year, and since then I've felt an overwhelming sense of peace from knowing that whatever happens is in His hands...

Julie C said...

Day 5 - Wow, I am so glad that I read your day five before writing my tiny little piece today. It made me recall what you said when you invited your readers to join you in this challenge i.e. "Trust me. It really does make a difference". Yesterday I started thinking about all these people I have said that am thankful for and the fact that I am certain that they do not know this or how they impact the life of one little human, I felt quite sad. Today I can see that this is a much deeper challenge than I had imagined as I thought the hard part would be coming up with things to be thankful for -not so. As a Christian I am thankful that my relationship with God has changed during the past 12 weeks for the better. As I complete the last of my guided bible study I read that this is what the authors say was their ultimate intention. I have also realised that a study based around marriage and intimacy has so many links and implications and guidance to help with the issues that have arisen and will continue to arise with my children and family and friends. I am also thankful today for the special little children at J&J Kindy who attend on a Tuesday and bring so much laughter and joy to my day with their unique personalities and honest outlooks on life including the comment that my outfit was "fancier" than usual. Wow.

Deb said...

Your words are such an encouragement to me. I am reminded that God answers prayer and that He holds on to us in all kinds of circumstances. It encourages me to keep praying and asking Him to hold on to me too.

Samantha said...

In your wilderness, you have been a source of great encouragement to me through your Thankful Thursdays. God has worked through you in my life. I pray that you will keep holding on, knowing that your Heavenly Father will never let you go.