Friday, November 8, 2013

Thankfulness Day 8

Today I am thanking God for:

- having the house to myself for a few hours while the kids were at school and Murray at respite;

- a cupboard organised;

I found our wedding photos AND my old school photos...

- the chance while Audrey was at school to make a large box of Barbies disappear... ssshhhh;

- home ice cream delivery on a stinking hot day;

- that the home ice cream company saw the error of their ways and replaced the orange ice blocks with raspberry in their combo pack;

- that the ice cream people know us so well we don't even have to flag them down....they just automatically stop out the front of our house... ;

- hot chips for lunch;

- air conditioning to eat them in;

- that I managed to convince Ashlea that a shower would suffice for today so that I didn't have to lift her into the bath;

- a little person who knows how to get her own way:

Mummy can you do X please?
Because I love you so much.
Followed up with a multitude of kisses.   

Which child do you think is the master manipulator?

What are you thankful for this Friday?


melissa date said...

Mmmmmm I would love some hot chips with an ice-cream chaser!!

Julie C said...

Day 8 - Today I am thankful for: The very nice mum/scripture teacher/youth and family leader at Castle Hill Community Church who invited Mel to attend her youth group with her daughter (who had become friends with Mel) on alternate Friday nights back in April. Mel has been enjoying great fellowship since and now most of her year 4 school friends also go along. I am thankful for The girls with whom Josh is friends who invited him along to the youth group at Hillsong as he said the leaders were all very friendly and he seemed to enjoy it even without his "mates" who said they would also go along, it may be the start of a new journey, I hope.
I am thankful for The fiends who invited Matt to play Oztag on Friday nights - despite the fact that my first ever attendance at a game at 8:30 was washed out with the lights going off after ten minutes. And I am thankful for my not to old reliable car that makes two hours of driving around the Hills on a Friday night (Andrew had gone out)safe and tolerable. If cricket is cancelled today I might now be inspired to clean out my serving bowl/container/platter cupboard. JC

Anonymous said...

My guess is Ashlea, from Fay