Saturday, November 9, 2013

Thankfulness Day 9

Today I am thanking God for:

- lazy Saturday afternoons;

Just chilling with my ipad and my singing cat... on the bathroom floor...

- a bathroom big enough to hang out in - Ashlea often plays in other people's bathrooms as she likes the echo.  Ours has always been too small...until now;

- two loaves of bread baked;

- three loads of washing folded (OK that wasn't relaxing but at least I can relax now that it's done)

- that dreams don't always come true - last night I dreamt our whole family got to meet Princess Mary (don't get me wrong - that would be cool).  Anyway - our whole family was there - me, Murray, Emma, Ashlea, Audrey, Aunty Carolin....AND my newborn twins (boy / girl for record - didn't catch their names);

- a cool change at the end of a hot day;

- walking practise for Ashlea;

- carpet to cushion her falls;

- Maccas for dinner - I had it on good authority that the happy meal toys were Talking Tom themed;

- for the new Talking Tom app (coming this Thurs - only 5 more sleeps) and the bribery reward power it is giving me with Ashlea at the moment.


Bethe77 said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog. Love how you have the running thankful list. Buig bathroom for another reason would be awesome. What a great blessing that is Im sure. Echos in the bathroom how cool is that! Blessings

Julie C said...

Day 9 Today I am thankful for - Native plants that continue to flower in Sydney's heat even though they receive very little attention or water ( I have picked 3 small bunches for table arrangements as my family are coming over for their annual lunch. I am thankful for shops open on a hot Saturday afternoon and a daughter to accompany me for some last minute ice cream shaped lolly containers, which were then used as the shape for the birthday cake to be used to celebrate five family members special days in Oct Nov Dec. I am thankful for some nice parents to chat to while I baked in the heat at Josh's cricket match all morning. I am also thankful for nice cool tiles throughout my home to cool my body as I walk on them and pass the fans placed in each room. Julie C ps I wonder if Ashlea likes the coolness of the bathroom tiles on her body in the same way.

melissa date said...

I am sure you and Princess Mary had a lovely chat about your matching twins ;)