Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Thankfulness Day 20: The Emma Edition

Today I am thanking God for my first born child Emma.  All our children are IVF babies but after thinking we may never have any children I am so thankful that this little bundle of energy came along. I am thankful for:

Staring competition with Mum...
Age 9

- her friendly, talkative nature,

- that her friendly, talkative nature with a boy visiting next door resulted in us becoming friends with our awesome neighbours;

- for her healthy birth and the 'normal' introduction to parenting she gave me;

- her intelligence;

- her technological savvy;

- her love of animals - particularly birds;

- her loyalty to her friends;

- her honesty;

- that she doesn't 'follow the crowd' but does her own thing;

- her love of lego, computers and all things non-Barbie;

- the way she has always loved and accepted Ashlea, made the effort to play with her, be silly with her and make her laugh.  Somehow she has always just got that Ashlea needs special allowances some times - and hasn't been resentful of any extra attention she has needed.  From very early on if asked about Ashlea she would always say 'We just love her'.  I LOVE that.

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Mum won the staring competition...


Jessica said...

She's a love.

Julie C said...

Day 20 Today I am thankful for :
All the wonderful things in nature that surrounded me today including : the courageous duck family that crossed the road in front of the truck in front of me and the oncoming ute; the sparkling waterfall and trickling streams that fell down the rocks as I drove through the gorge; the tiny black and yellow lady bird that crawled over a brother and sister at kindy and briefly share d a home with a tired old grey moth; the gorgeous roses in the retired couples garden that I pass on my way to the school gate and the blue sky and cool breeze that promised to dry my washing as I hung it out this afternoon. JC ps Al I must be thankful for my 3 in turn in the next ten days.

Felicity said...

That first photo of Emma is stunningly beautiful! She is a gorgeous grown up girl!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Emma!!!
From Fay

Alicia - OneMotherHen said...

She is growing up a wonderful young lady :)