Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A New Year

Happy New Year

Anyone who has been reading this blog for awhile knows I usually hate New Year's Eve as it brings out the worry in me - typically the worries about what stressful things might happen in the year ahead.

This year I'm having none of that.  What will be will be.  We will deal with whatever comes - good or bad - as it comes.

There are a few changes I want to make in the new year - particularly with the girls - but I'm not game to even whisper them out loud lest I set myself up for failure.  I'm definitely not saying anything to them yet so as not to prematurely arouse resistance on their part!

As for the blog I'm not sure what will happen with that in the New Year.  Rather than doing Thankful Thursday I have set myself the challenge of finding 1000 things to be thankful for over the year. Being thankful once a week is not enough for my mental and spiritual health - I need to do it more frequently!  1000 things per year works out to be only 2.7 things per day so surely that is achievable?  The trick will be to find 1000 UNIQUE things rather than just giving thanks for caffeine and my bed every single day of the year!

I can't think clearly enough at the moment to even put into words what I want for 2014, but I do know what I need.  I need to live each day trusting God, clinging to His word and somehow relying on His strength for each day.  If you're the praying type I'd love it if you would pray that for me this year.

Also I'd like more fun times like this with my kids.  We have just been out celebrating the New Year at the Lord Mayor's Picnic.  It was such a great night and the girls all had a great time. Ashlea even coped with the fireworks!  She had her ears covered but she watched the whole time and didn't cry!  What progress!

Now does this face paint not just sum up my girls perfectly?

Ashlea as Talking Tom

Audrey the Butterfly

Emma the Fire Breathing Dragon


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year everyone!!!
Those cats definitely seem to be multiplying. Have you tried to keep them separately?
I'm glad you were able to go to an event like that. Have a great 2014, from Fay

Alison said...

Thanks Fay - yes the cats keep multiplying!

The Trousdell Five said...

Caffeine and your bed are two very worthy recipients of your thanks :) But I love that you are going to come up with 1000 more this year - what a wonderful exercise and I agree that it is excellent for the state of mind. All the best to your family in 2014!