Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thankful Thursday 19th December

Only 8000ish minutes until the big day - not that anyone in our house is counting!!

This week I have much to thank God for.  I am thankful for:

- a good end to the school year for all my girls;

- pleasing school reports for all the girls with all of them showing improvement in at least one area;

- Ashlea's ability to read level 2 readers (not Stage 2 or even Grade 2 - just level 2) - but she can read them;

- the Variety Club for $10000 and the Lions Club for $2000 towards the wheelchair conversion of our van.  We only need to raise a further $1350 which I am sure will come in from somewhere so I am going to book the car in to get converted;

- my Christmas present has arrived;

If only the crap on the floor would magically
fly onto the shelves...

- another year of Thursday dinners with the neighbours.  We finished off the year tonight with a Christmas Feast - turkey with all the trimmings, pudding and custard and even a gingerbread house;

I'll let you imagine how long it lasted once these little fingers got into it

- pyjama days in the school holidays;

- friends bearing early Christmas gifts - a slip and slide for the kids and Call The Midwife for me (just to clarify Call The Midwife is a book and TV show.  I do not - and never will - need to call a midwife again);

- air conditioning;

- Christmas newsletters finally written and printed.  It's been a rather boring year by our standards - now that is something to be thankful for!!  Let me know if you'd like to receive a copy of our Christmas news!

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