Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thankful Thursday 5th December

Yesterday I was telling the girls they only had 3 more weeks of school and after that one week until Christmas.  Apparently there are only TWO more weeks of school and then a week until Christmas. How did that happen?

This week I am thanking God for:

- friends who lend me their husbands to do nasty jobs like changing toilet seats;

- friends to have dinner with;

- chocolate lava pudding for dessert;

- a meeting with friends from church who are determined to provide me with some respite next year - and a plan for how to get started;

- friends to pray with;

- friendly neighbours who pick the girls up from school so I can take Murray to appointments;

- and friendly Aunty's for watching the girls so I can attend the Jesus Club Christmas Show;

- the awesomeness that is Jesus Club - a ministry of friendship to adults with intellectual disabilities;

- a friendly little duck's growth;

There used to be a 20cm difference between
these two - I think this photo is a little deceiving
but still...
 - a big duck found for the little duck's Christmas stocking (I assume it is a friendly duck but I can't stretch the theme out any further);

So big it will need it's own stocking :)

- and as Ashlea keeps reminding me - only 20 sleeps until Christmas!

Thankful Thursday


Bethe77 said...

Loving your chocolate lava pudding and friends to pray with are my top ones. Always wonderful to see your thankful list. Hey i like lending husbands to help too. I remember when I was younger how much I appreciate them. Blessings

Angie Church said...

what a great list of things to be thankful for both simple and very much needed as well.

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