Thursday, January 9, 2014

Photo A Day Jan 9

An accurate number of candles may have resulted in the need to call the
fire brigade so these few will suffice...

Today I am thanking God for:

25.  43 years on this earth;

26.  A pleasant day for my birthday.  My sister got some flowers and a gift for the girls to give me so I had something to open this morning, then we met friends at the pool after swimming lessons, another friend came to visit and we finished off with dinner at the neighbours - and a salt, gluten and dairy free cake;  

27.  Some awesome behaviour from Emma today.  Firstly she was brave enough to try diving into the pool at swimming and then tonight at dinner she was by far the best behaved of all the kids AND she ate more than all the others put together.  A birthday miracle!

Psalm 107:1 
Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; 
His love endures forever.


E. said...

Happy birthday. I hope you had a great day.

Becca said...

Happy Birthday - love your birthday miracle.

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Happy birthday to you!!!!!!! Emma is a super star!

Alison said...

Thanks E, Becca and Bron!