Monday, March 10, 2014

Thankfulness Mar 10

Today I am thanking God:

How many floaties do I need Mum?

212.  That my working week is over - well - the paid part of the working week anyway;

213.  That Emma's birthday 'party' is organised - we are taking a few friends ice skating rather than having a big party (win for Mummy);

214.  For the chance to go to the swimming carnival tomorrow with Ashlea.  I thought I better post a picture of her today as I will be IN the water with her tomorrow so probably won't get to take a pic.  Wish us luck!  She has never swum on her own (with floaties but no adult help) so it could be interesting.  I am taking the swim ring, 2 pairs of arm floaties, a swim vest and a back bubble.  Surely she will stay afloat with all that???

Psalm 69:30 
I will praise God’s name in song and glorify Him with thanksgiving.


Heda said...

She is looking absolutely amazing. Good luck with the swimming. What aids will you be wearing?

Alison said...

Ha ha Heda - I am just hoping the pool is not too deep as I will be in walking alongside her while she swims. I'm not very tall...

Sandra said...

Go Ashley!!! We want a video!!!

And good swimming to Emma and Audrey.

Keep hanging in there Alison - you are such a fantastic encouragement.

Alison said...

Thanks Sandra - video is in the next post!