Sunday, March 23, 2014

Thankfulness Mar 23 - Compulsory Outdoor FAIL edition

Today I am thanking God for:

Even the photo was a fail...

255.  Helpful staff at Rouse Hill who came to our rescue during our Peppa Pig FAIL;

256.  No injuries resulting from the fail;

257.  My couch and a strong cup of tea to come home too!

OK so the fail went like this...

As many of you know the girls and I have been making the effort each weekend to go out and do something.  Today Peppa Pig was appearing at Rouse Hill so we thought we would go up after church.

We went.  It was hot.  The line was long.

I decided to try something I rarely do - I asked if we could jump the queue as Ashlea can't tolerate the heat (which is true).  They let us.  WIN I thought.  So we waited in the shade and then just when Peppa came out we were able to go to the head of the queue to meet her.  Sounds good right?

The problem was that there was a curb between us and Peppa so I put the wheelchair tippers up and decided to pull the wheelchair up the curb the way you would with a pram.  This is where the fail occurred.  The entire wheelchair FELL APART.  I was left holding the back rest and handle while Ashlea fell backwards - remember that the tippers weren't down - so the whole chair flipped backwards and she landed ON HER HEAD ON THE CONCRETE IN FRONT OF A HUGE CROWD OF ONLOOKERS.  She started howling.  Emma and Audrey burst into tears.  I tried to grab Ashlea quickly but she was strapped in and her leg was somehow stuck so it took multiple people to help grab her and the chair.  It was HORRIFYING.  HORRIFYING I TELL YOU.

Ashlea was OK - mainly just shaken up.  She got to meet Peppa but wasn't really in the right frame of mind for it by then!!  We cheered her up by buying her some light up rubber duckies for the bath.

Sadly that wasn't our only fail for the day.  After we had seen Peppa (whom I may have head butted during the chaos) the girls needed to use the bathroom so we went to the nearest accessible bathroom and marched in.  There was someone in there - and the toilet door opened directly off a large open area filled with people.  Of course the door wouldn't then close either and the poor lady was left there in all her glory.  Technically though that was her fail for not locking the door - we just helped her out a bit :)

At that point we decided a hasty retreat from the shops might be a good idea - although before we got away we managed to knock over some boxes and nearly run over a child (she walked in front of the wheelchair so technically that was her fail too).  We were all very relieved to get home and back to the safety of our screens!!!!!!!!!!

PS Yes I am going to send this post to our OT to advise about the chair - this is the second time it has fallen apart when trying to lift it.  The first time I thought I mustn't have assembled it correctly but this time I KNOW it was correctly assembled.  The handle and back support should NOT come off!

Psalm 9:1 
I will give thanks to you, Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds.


Deb said...

Eeek! That would really require multiple cups of strong tea upon return!!!

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Some days are worth not leaving the house! Hope everyone rests up and that chair gets fixed ASAP xxxx

Felicity said...

Oh no Alison!! That's TERRIBLE!! Poor Ashlea (glad she's ok), poor traumatised sisters, POOR YOU!!!! I would've been adding a few nips of strong spirits to those cups of tea just to calm myself down!!!!

Sylvia said...

Oh what a horribly traumatic experience! I'm so glad that Ashlea wasn't hurt! Take some recuperation time for sure! But don't let it stop you from trying again!

Jessica Azar said...

Oh bless you. How stressful and horrifying! You came through it quite well though, and don't beat yourself up about it!!! We as moms are so hard on ourselves... And you're doing everything you can to give your give your girls a great childhood, even when it doesn't go as planned :)

Katelyn said...

Oh my word. Sorry about the fail! At least you can laugh about it now, right?