Sunday, April 20, 2014

Thankfulness Apr 20 - Happy Easter

Today I am thanking God for:

It counts as screen free time doesn't it even
though the bowling alley is full of screens?

353.  The hope of new life that Jesus' resurrection secured;

354.  Ashlea being able to eat - actually eat not just suck and spit out - some of her Easter egg (first time ever);

355.  Birthday presents wrapped for some small people's birthdays tomorrow;

356.  An end (hopefully) to the daily hourly by the minute discussions about how long until Ashlea's birthday and how she wants a Furby Boom and a Furbling for her presents.

Are you excited about tomorrow Ashlea???

See the stone is rolled away 
Behold the empty tomb 
Hallelujah God be praised 
He's risen from the grave 

Oh that rugged cross my salvation 
Where Your love poured out over me 
Now my soul cries out Hallelujah 
Praise and honour unto Thee


Alison said...

And a late thank you to add to the list - the girls don't like the Ferrero Rocher bunnies Murray's mum gave them. Win for me :)

ferfischer said...

That TOTALLY counts as screen free time!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your gorgeous girls. Just a word of advise re Furby Booms. In case you aren't aware Furbies can change personality and voices and go from "cute" to "grumpy/unpleasant". This can be quite distressing! There are plenty of sites online on how to restore the original personality so you can be prepared. We learned the hard way on Christmas Day so wishing you all the best.