Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thankfulness May 22

Please excuse any typos - am blogging from the iPad as our regular internet is down :(

Throwback Thursday - Twins age 2 and Emma age 4 (I think).

Little Cuties

Today I am thanking God for:

468. Ashlea's aide at school today being very sensitive to Ashlea's distress. It was didgeridoo performance day and wIthin seconds Ashlea was a shaking, sobbing mess as Emma had predicted. They made a quick exit;

469. A nice long snooze while the girls were at school. Not just a nap - I was feeling a little seedy this morning (Ashlea's mystery illness perhaps?) so I went back to bed for FOUR glorious hours while they were at school;

470. Pizza for the family for dinner so I didn't have to cook. We have just discovered Dominos have a great allergy free / gluten free range and Emma is very excited to eat 'real' pizza again (rather than my home made ones).

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