Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Thankfulness Jun 4

Today I am thanking God for:


511.  A sneaky mid-week lunch at the chocolate cafe with a friend who gets it (shhh don't tell the kids that's where we went);

512.  Fun with our borrowed furry friend.  Who knew we had so many tennis balls lying around the house?  The doggie has helpfully found them all.  The girls are having a ball although Emma has decided that she still prefers screens more;

513.  Audrey being well in herself in spite of the fact that she cannot.stop.coughing.  She's not wheezing.  She hasn't got croup.  Nothing's infected.  She just can't stop.  Any suggestions?

Psalm 147:7 
Sing to the Lord with grateful praise; 
Make music to our God on the harp.


Anonymous said...

Is Audrey possibly allergic to the visiting dog? Allergies present is different ways.

Anonymous said... she allergic to the dog? :(

K said...

I wish there was a chocolate cafe around here!! That looks incredible...I might just have to come to Australia for that!

And I love that picture of Ashlea and the dog! Too cute!

Regarding Audrey's cough...does it go away when you give her Ventolin? Something similar happened to me earlier this year -- I had a constant dry cough, and even though sometimes I would also get short of breath, I didn't think it was an asthmatic cough because it didn't always present with wheezing. I went to a pulmonologist, though, and it turns out that it can still be related to asthma even when there's no wheezing if Ventolin helps it go away.

Good luck!

Alison said...

I suspect the cough is asthma related as she has had that before. The cough definitely preceded the dog so it's not that :)