Sunday, August 24, 2014

Thankfulness Aug 24

Today I am thanking God for:

Bedtime stories

776.  The blessing and privilege it is to live in Australia.  Today we had a speaker from Compassion at church tell us about sponsoring children living in poverty.  I told the girls I thought we should sponsor a child - specifically a child with a disability - as imagine what life would be like for Ashlea if we lived in a less fortunate country?  She wouldn't be alive.  Either would Audrey for that matter.   Their response?  Yes we should.  Ashlea's so lucky.  We all are.  That pretty much sums it up;

777.  The work of organisations like Compassion;

778.  The reminder that we have so much to be thankful for.  Seriously we have SO MUCH!

Psalm 135:3 
Praise the Lord, for the Lord is good;  
sing praise to his name, for that is pleasant.

Click here to find out how to sponsor a child. 


Deb said...

Yay! I love Compassion's work. What a wonderful thing it will be for another family to be connected to your family and share the love of Jesus one with another. :)

Anonymous said...

After giving birth, I was most thankful for the 'Give a gift of a Midwife' idea that Compassion had on offer. It is hard to understand how so many women and babies die during childbirth in some parts of the world. Compassion helps to provide part of the solution.From Fay.