Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thankfulness Aug 28

Today I am thanking God for:

Our crystals are actually growing!

791.  Ashlea's rehab team.  Unfortunately her hips are now migrated out by 40% and the referral to the orthopaedic team has been written.  Things move slowly in hospital land which is fine by me - I am in no hurry for that big hip surgery but I am thankful we have access to the medical care that we do;

792.  The wonderful conversations between my girls (at the tops of their lungs in front of visitors):
Stop playing with my poo!
It's not your poo - it's the whole family's poo!
Give me the poo!!!

(think poop playdough before you freak out)

793.  Friends, community, support.

Psalm 13:6 
I will sing the Lord’s praise,  for he has been good to me.


Heda said...

Beautiful crystals. Well done girls. Creating crystals and poo! That pretty much sums up life. Yay!

Therese said...

I am thankful for good nephrologists/renal specialists and surgeons, for your little family, and for me and other patients.
Will pray for Ashlea (Westmead can move very slowly, but is a great provision, and constantly reminds me that God provides for all our needs.
Psalm 13:6 reminds me big time that God has been good to me (and continues to be!)

Alicia - OneMotherHen said...

Wow those crystals are cool.
So thankful for the team Ashlea has behind her. It saddens me that she has more battles to be brave for. Her braveness humbles me xx