Sunday, September 14, 2014

Thankfulness Sept 14

Today I am thanking God for:

What a little champion

849.  An awesome day at the Big Red Kidney Walk today raising money and awareness for kidney disease.   The walk is 2km and Ashlea decided she wanted to walk it - and walk it she did. The WHOLE way.  Emma and Audrey took turns riding in her wheelchair seeing as it was empty. We were so far behind everyone else by the time we finished but WHO CARES - this is a massive achievement for Ashlea.  It was beyond awesome;

850.  Ashlea's stamina and determination;

851.  Beautiful spring sunshine;

852.  First day wearing shorts and t-shirts for the season.

A first for the season that I am NOT happy to see...
Let the games begin!

You can still donate here:

Psalm 147:7 
Sing to the Lord with grateful praise;  
make music to our God on the harp.


Heda said...

Ashlea's a trooper. And so's the rest of the family. Well done, everyone.

Alison said...

Thanks for sponsoring us Heda!!

Alicia - OneMotherHen said...

Go Ashlea! That is fabulous, she is amazing xx
Will donate something tomorrow :)

Alison said...

Thanks for sponsoring us Alicia!