Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Thankfulness Sept 16

Today I am thanking God for:

Two years ago - where the walking started...
Once I realised Ashlea could stand and let
go we encouraged her to take a few steps

856.  The chance to see Ashlea's class perform in assembly.  They did a very cute song about transport with them (and their wheelchairs and walkers) all dressed up as planes, trains, cars and boats;

857.  Rachel's hamburgers for dinner;

858.  A slightly less untidy house at the end of the day compared to the beginning of the day;

859.  Ashlea's amazing walking progress over the last 2 years.  From those first shaky steps to Sunday's 2km walk.

Here are Ashlea's first steps in October 2012.  Clearly it took me a couple of weeks to make the connection between independent standing and walking.  In my memory it occurs on the same day but the photo and video are dated a month apart so there you go.

First steps video

Compare that to the most recent video of her walking that I have on my phone taken about a month ago at the sports carnival:

Walking at the carnival video 

Psalm 9:2 
I will be glad and rejoice in you;
I will sing the praises of your name, O Most High.


Felicity said...

I laughed my way through her first steps video. So much joy! She has come so far. Ashlea you are amazing!!

Anonymous said...