Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Thankfulness Nov 11 Remembrance Day

Anyone who knows me well won't have trouble working out what I'm thankful for today.

Today I am thanking God for:

Frederick John Kelly
Lest We Forget

1041.  The freedom we enjoy (and take for granted) here in Australia;

1042.  All those who have fought to protect that freedom;

1043.  My Grandfather who alongside his brother served at Gallipoli and France in WW1, their younger brother who was imprisoned in Malaya in WW2, and my Uncle (my Grandfather's oldest son) who was killed in New Guinea in WW2.

The internet also tells me it is Thanku NICU day.

1044.  I am thankful for the NICU that kept Ashlea and Audrey alive - for the doctors, nurses, technicians, cleaners, life saving equipment and medications that are so readily available in Australia;

1045.  I am also thankful that in this great country this is all available at NO COST to anyone who needs it.

James 3:8 
Come near to God and he will come near to you.

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