Monday, November 17, 2014

Thankfulness Nov 17 World Prematurity Day

Today I am thanking God for:

Audrey - 3 weeks old (30 weeks gestation)

1061.  My amazing little premmie babies;

1062.  The amazing hospital and staff that helped keep them alive;

1063.  The very precious lessons learned in the NICU about Who is really in control of all things!

Ashlea 4 weeks old (31 wks gestation)
One of their first cuddles - 10 wks old (37 wks gestation)
One of their most recent cuddles

Psalm 115:3 
Our God is in the heavens;  
he does all that he pleases.


Therese said...

I was reminded today by another friend that it was World Prematurity Day. She had her baby 13 weeks early and my godson (who was also a twin) arrived quite early too. Thanks for sharing the photos - they're beautiful!
I've started my blog today...I used to blog lots, but seeing how faithful you are at it has encouraged me!!

Alicia - OneMotherHen said...

So tiny. so precious. You are truly blessed to have those two girls x