Monday, January 12, 2015

New Truths About Holidays

So we are home from our First Holiday Ever and it was FUN.

Yes I did have a freak out on the second day but after that it was all good.  Sometimes being single handedly responsible for our whole family causes me to flip out - especially when away from home and my usual sources of support or respite!

Aside from that the holiday was great and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

We did lots of swimming and lazing by the pool, we went fishing and kayaking and to the beach (I only do the beach once a year due to the degree of difficulty involved so I can cross that off the list until 2016 now).  I even had a massage and we went out for dinner for my birthday.

There is a teeny tiny fish on the end
of the line!

The Gorgeous Ones

I did learn some new holiday truths along the way:

* my friends who describe holidays as 'doing all the stuff you normally do at home with only half the resources' are right;
* I pack too much stuff;
* I'm not a big fan of fishing (too squeamish to get the bait on the line properly);
* It might be time to sign Ashlea up for swimming lessons;
* I think we need a pool;
* Holidays are fun and we need to do this again.  Anyone got any suggestions for our next venture?  


Heda said...

It's the memories that count. Health is neither here nor there. People rabbit on about health but I know lots of unhealthy people who live fulfilling and happy lives. What's special is the memory always and the stronger the memory the more special it is. Holidays generate strong memories. I think it's to do with being out of the usual comfort zone and being forced to live in the moment. No habits and usual procedures to fall back on. Instead it's complete awareness of what you are doing every moment of the day. And shared memories, especially strong ones like what you've had are extra special. Perfect holiday!

Anonymous said...

Fay suggests checking out penguins in their natural habitat as a holiday.

Deb said...

I'm only just catching up on posts since my trip. Sorry to hear you had a day of high anxiety. So glad that the holiday continued and that you were able to put one foot in front of the other until it got better again. The photos are beautiful and speak volumes of the loveliness of the people involved. Well done on all counts. And, tell me, did the washing you came home with appear to be greater than the clothing with which you set out? That always seems to be my experience of family holidays.

Therese said...

Where did you go? It looks beautiful. Looks like you all had fun anyway!