Sunday, March 29, 2015

3 Years Ago...

This time 3 years ago Ashlea was in the final stages of her kidney transplant surgery.

I have a tradition of taking a photo of the 3 girls on the eve of Ashlea's kidney-versary.  I suspect this tradition started on the eve of her transplant in case something went wrong and I never got the chance to take another photo of all 3 of them together.  Now it is just a fun way to document the girls'  progress.





One thing that hasn't changed is the cheeky smiles on these three!  Ashlea has had an amazing 3 years since her transplant - here's hoping there are many, many more.

I'm not sure how many anniversaries it will take until I can get through the day without reliving the events moment by moment.  I no longer do any reliving on the girls birthdays and they are nearly nine now, so I guess I have maybe a few more years of reliving yet???


Anonymous said...

Wow, it does not seem like 3 years ago since Ashlea's transplant. You seem to have the proof though.
Happy smiles! From Fay

Deb said...

Yep. I get the reliving. Trusting and praying that there will come a day when that reliving is not so sharp and intense for you. Here's to being 3 years further down the road and to all those beautiful smiles! Praying for you today that God will give you fresh strength and renew your hope and joy each day. XOXO

smithsholidayroad said...

Wow only when you see the 2012 pic I realise how much they have grown up! Emma has really changed into a tween! How's that age going for you? Struggling here with attitude and general stubbornness! Bron